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Experience and discussions with researchers and research supervisors have shown that even after working through some texts on research methods many researchers seem to struggle with some aspects of the research process. Also, a number of students do not finish their research within required completion times. Whilst experience leads research supervisors to think of researchable topics, it is important to have ways of measuring the depth and originality of the topics, in order to avoid the wastefulness and embarrassment brought about by non-completion of postgraduate research.


The Research and Consultancy Centre is an extension of the International Training College, Lingua (ITCL). The Centre is a National Research Consultancy Hub with high calibre of researchers in qualitative and quantitative research. The Centre offers training and consultancy services in Research Methodology to a wide range of individual and corporate clients.

The Centre also offer qualifications in the field of Research Method, with elementary course designed for lower research students, while intermediate and advanced level certificates designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students respectively.

The Centre upon request by corporate organizations do offer inhouse training on several aspects Research Methods, Data Analysis and Research Reporting.