Certificate in Accounting & Finance NQF Level 4

The Certificate in Accounting and Finance is offered as a 1-year programme.

A student, who successfully completes the programme, will be awarded a certificate in Accounting and Finance NQF Level 4.

It is important to note that the Certificate in Accounting and Finance Programme is structured in such a way that it provides entry into the NQF Level 5 Diploma programme.

The Certificate in Accounting and Finance is designed to meet the needs of those candidates who are already involved, or wish to become involved, in the field of Accounting and Finance. It is applicable to employed or unemployed candidates.
The qualification is designed to:

·         Give learners access to enter the accounting field. This covers all sectors of the Namibian economy, from the public sector, to accountancy practice, to industry and commerce, including manufacturing, tourism and retail. Every senior accountant needs the support of skilled, competent accounting technicians to undertake the more routine and operational work. In many small businesses, accounting technicians will be the sole provider of accountancy support to the organisation. Self-employment in which the person supplies services to small businesses is also an option for holders of this qualification.

4.1 Applicants, who have obtained less than 20 points in their Senior Secondary School leaving Certificate, may be admitted to the 1-year certificate programme.

·         Candidates under this category should complete the Certificate in Accounting and Finance NQF Level 4 (one year). Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Accounting and Finance NQF 4, successful candidates can proceed to the Diploma in Accounting and Finance NQF Level 5 of International Training College – Lingua.

4.2 Admission of holders of NQF Level 3

Candidates with a NQF Level 3 qualification from International Training College–Lingua or any recognized institution will be considered for admission.


4.3 Recognition of Prior Learning:

The Certificate in Accounting and Finance NQF Level 4 makes provision for prior learning to be recognized if a student is able to demonstrate competence in the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes embedded in this qualification.


a)  RPL for formal learning (Credit recognition):

Candidates may apply for credits or exemptions for subjects already passed at International Training College Lingua or at other recognized Institutes.


b) RPL for informal and non-formal learning:

Skills, knowledge and experience for competencies gained elsewhere, for example in the workplace are also evaluated in the RPL process as per Recognition for Prior Learning Policy of International Training College Lingua.


4. 4 Registration as a special candidate

A person who wishes to enrol for the Certificate in Accounting and Finance NQF Level 4 but who does not meet the minimum requirements, may register as a special candidate provided that she/he:

·         Has the ability to understand, read and write English.


4.5 Mature Age

International Training College Lingua has introduced the mature age entry scheme to allow mature applicants with experience, but without the necessary formal school qualification, the opportunity to enroll at the College for Certificate and Diploma programmes.

To be considered eligible for mature age admission applicants:

·         Must be at least 23 years or over by 1 March in the year that he/she wants to start at the college.

·         Must demonstrate English language competence at NQF level 2.

·         Must be in possession of at least a Junior Secondary Certificate.

Holders of this qualification are able to:

·         Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of administrative tasks,

·         Record financial transactions for business operations,

·         Communicate effectively and accurately both orally and in writing; with clients, co-workers, supervisors and management in workplace,

·         Use a range of mathematical skills relevant to business practices,

·         Demonstrate proficiency to information processing systems,

·         Apply general principles and procedures for ethical compliance expected within the accounting sector.



The learning content of this programme consists of the following compulsory modules:

Certificate in Accounting and Finance NQF Level 4
Modules Standard Type NQF Levels Credits
Business Management 1 Fundamental 4 16
Commercial Numeracy Fundamental 4 16
Computer Studies 1 Fundamental 3 12
Computerised Accounting 1 Fundamental 5 12
English 1 Fundamental 3 24
Introduction to Micro-Economics Fundamental 4 16
Principles of Accounting Core 4 24
Total     120

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