Submission of Assessment

Continuous Assessment is determined on the grounds of an evaluation of a student’s performance by means of, inter alia: tests, practicals, assignments, etc.All assessments have a due date that must be adhered to. Assignments, worksheets, projects, etc may be submitted in advance of the deadline.

Full-time and Part-time students are advised to submit their assignment in person. Distance students can post or courier their assignments. It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is submitted by the deadline

Prior to all examinations Entrance Tests will be written in all subjects. These tests are compulsory and contribute to the final marks of students.

Continuous Assessment is only valid for the specific academic semester/year in which it has been allocated, including    supplementary and special examinations.


None Submission / Late submission of assessments

No assignments will be received after the due date without proof of valid reasons for non-submission (medical report, death   certificate, and proof of travel)


Work submitted without a bibliography or referencing will be penalized up to the maximum allocated for reference (5%). NB: If any other component is missing, it can only be penalized up to the maximum allocated for it, for example, introduction up to 10%, and body up to 75%.


Where students copy from one another, only one script will be marked and the result will be divided by the number of students who copied each other.  If it is one question, then the question is marked and the marks for the question will be divided by the number of students who copied.