Short Courses

International Training College Lingua offers short courses, workshops and conferences. These provide a means for the ongoing education of professionals, outside the formal academic courses offered at International Training College Lingua. A certificate of attendance or of successful completion (where an examination is passed) is normally issued. Some courses may be undertaken outside normal working hours, while others may require full-time attendance for a number of days. Courses may also be run on an in-house basis for companies, if requested.

These short courses are ideal if you want:
1. To learn informally about a subject for personal or professional development
2. Flexible start and completion dates
3. The support of an expert learning adviser to answer your questions

Course Duration (Notional Hours) Cost Per Module[Subject,to Change]
Taxation 63Hrs N$2500.00
VAT 16Hrs N$2500.00
Internal Auditing 63Hrs N$2500.00
Basic Bookkeeping 24Hrs N$2000.00
Office Skills/Reception Skills 24Hrs N$1800.00
Writing a Business Plan 24Hrs N$2000.00
Fundamentals Accounting 24Hrs N$2500.00
Computerised Accounting:Pastel
24Hrs N$3400.00
Practical Labour Law 32Hrs N$2500.00
Proposal Writing 16Hrs N$1200.00


Course Duration (Notional Hours) Cost Per Module (Subject,to Change)
Local & Foreign languages:

Oshiwambo,Damara & Nama

3hrs per week for two months Namibian Students: Reg:N$100.00

Course: N$650.00

Foreign Students: Reg:N$150.00

Course: N$1000.00

PC Repair [A+] 40hrs per module N$3500.00 per module
Networking [N+] 40hrs N$3500.00
Server Administration [MCITP] 40hrs per module N$12600.00
Visual Basic.Net
40hrs per program N$3500.00 per program
Using Internet 8hrs N$800.00
Basic Computer Skills 16hrs Namibian Students:Reg:,N$100.00Course: N$650.00
Foreign Students:,Reg:,N$150.00Course: N$1000.00
Website Design 40hrs N$3800.00
Graphic Design 40hrs N$3800.00
Photoshop 20hrs N$3000.00
Project Management Foundations 40hrs N$5000.00
Reservation & Ticketing 40hrs N$5000.00
Training Skills 40Hrs [10 weeks] N$9000.00
Interpretation Services Prices available on request
Conference and Classroom rentals Prices available on request
Corporate Training/ Workshops Prices available on request

NOTE: For any short course to run, there must be a minimum of 8 students