International Training College – Lingua is an engaged and people-centered College that serves the needs of its diverse communities by contributing to sustainable development through excellent academic programmes, research and service delivery.

To this end, we shall seek:

to  commit  ourselves  to  being  a  student-centered  college  by  providing  a  supportive  learning environment and opportunities that recognize the diverse aspirations and needs of our students

  1. to assist educationally disadvantaged students gain access to higher education and succeed in their studies;
  2. to give each student trained by us, an opportunity to achieve his/her full potential through appropriate training
  3. to provide access for a broad spectrum of students
  4. to commit itself to transformation, equity, diversity and lifelong learning
  5. to provide a caring working environment and opportunities to staff for continuous development
  6. to co-operate fully with other stakeholders to develop an excellent and, therefore, transformed higher education system.