Examination Rules


Below is guidance on examination regulations. Please ensure you have read the examination regulations in full ahead of sitting your formal examinations.
Examination Conduct

  • Candidates must be at the examination venue 30 minutes before the examination session commences.
  • Nobody may leave the venue within the first hour or during the last 15 minutes of the examination session.
  • No candidate will be admitted to the examination venue once the first hour of the session has passed.
  • Raise your hand to attract the attention of an invigilator if you have a question or you need to leave the room, e.g. in the case of illness
  • You must remain silent in the exam room until all scripts have been collected and you are told to leave the room
  • Candidates are not allowed to communicate with any person during the exam, other than the invigilator.

Taking items into the examination

  • A candidate will only be allowed into the examination venue if he/she is in possession of his/her student card (an identity document, driver’s license, or passport is also acceptable.
  • No student will be allowed at the exam hall without an up-to-date account statement.


  • Loan holders must provide a signed letter from the ministry\
  • Bursary holders must provide a signed letter from the college


  • No cell phone or communication device is allowed in the examination room.
  • No bags will be allowed in the examination venue, please make arrangements for your bags and valuables. The college will not take any responsibility.

Complaints and Appeal
A student who has failed a course may request for an application form for Remark from the Administrators and pay the prescribed non-refundable fee for the remarking of his/her scripts for such course(s) two weeks after the release of examination marks in July and two weeks after the College reopens in January before or on the date determined by the College (see academic calendar).A fee of N$450.00 will be charged for remark.
For a script to be remarked, a student   shall have obtained an examination mark of at least 35% and a final mark of at least 45%.