Private Higher Institution

International Training College Lingua is approved as Private Higher institution by the National Council of Higher Education! This in addition to the programmes being recognized by the Namibian Qualifications Authority - NQA.

Welcoming Remarks by the Head of Institution

Dear Students

I am delighted and honoured to welcome all our students, current and new, to the academic year 2016.

I take great pleasure in introducing International Training College Lingua to our newly enrolled students through this website. I hope you find what you are looking for on this website.

At Lingua, every student is important and special and we go out of our way to make our students happy. They are our priority. We are ready to walk extra miles to make sure that our students become well-rounded personalities and that  they achieve success.

Our aim is to inspire you to become a creative professional and connect you to an exciting and rewarding career.

The college has acquired a remarkable reputation for high quality education closely linked to employment with many of our graduates going on to achieve great success within their careers or further studies.

This is the learning place that moulds young adults, who first learn to enrich themselves with knowledge, after which they will proceed to carve a name for themselves in society and the nation. So it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this institution of higher learning that offers high quality education, with highly qualified and vibrant staff members. At Lingua College you will be inspired by a vision of quality and excellence.

Finally, I hope you see your arrival at Lingua College as something to celebrate and the beginning of the many exciting things you will experience as you enter the world of tertiary education life.

Best wishes for a very fruitful 2016!

Mrs L F Hartung

Head of Institution






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