Health & Safety Awareness Week

The International Training College – Lingua (ITCL) this week is hosting a Health and Safety Awareness Week that has seen experts in different fields sharing their knowledge and educate the Lingua Community on various topics.

The weeklong event, which is being held under the theme “Mind, Body and Safety: A Holistic Approach”, brought a flare of excitement in students and staff members alike.

Notable organizations that are participating in this exercise are: Future Innovation, Catholic Aids Action, Khomas Suicide & Prevention Task Force, NAMBTS, Windhoek City Police, VMMC Namibia, Phillipi Trust, Gender Based Violence Protection Unit, Lifeline/Child line, Uni-Health, Delivery Room, China Medical Team, Emergency and Disaster Management, and the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

The College Management, Staff and the students at large would like to thank these institutions for taking time out of their busy schedules to ensure that the advocacy of health and safety amongst our community has prevailed.